EAGLE Import

Plug-In category: Import Export Plug-In included in: PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Developer, PCBI Ultimate

In addition to other PCB data formats like ODB++, GenCad, IPC2581, DXF, DPF, ... PCB-Investigator is also able to directly import your EAGLE layout without having to use any ULP program or workaround.

Just drag&drop your '.brd' file, it’s as simple as that!

To ensure further processability in e.g. DRC check or Thermal Simulation, PCB-Investigator takes over any useful data like:

  • signal, mask, paste and drill layers
  • flooded area fills
  • net names
  • components including available attributes
  • stack-up information
  • restriction areas / keepouts

Of course the read in data set can also be exported to ODB++, GenCad, Gerber, IDF, DXF, ...

In that way PCB-Investigator is also the perfect tool for data conversion between EAGLE and other data formats.

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