Color Groups for components

Plug-In category: Developer Tools Plug-In included in: PCBI Basic, PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Developer, PCBI Ultimate

With ODB++ all information of you PCB data is available and workable with PCB-Investigator.

Our Color Group Plug-in optimizes this benefit with the possibility to assign colors to component groups and thus renders visualization clearer.

You can assign colors either by component type or number as you can see in following example:

  • Component Type (Cxxx. Rxxx, ICxxx, Lxxx, ...)
  • Component Number (x1xx. x2xx, x3xxx, x4xxx, ...)

You can assign a different color to every group, either by entering an exact RGB value or even more easily with the color editor. The plug-in creates a quick colored overview of the arrangement of associated components.

Of course the plug-in also works with IPC-2581 or GenCAD data.

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