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PCB-Investigator Plug-Ins

Our Plug-In system makes it possible to supply customized solutions and guarantees an easy integration of the Plug-Ins in your working process.

Take a look at the predeveloped Plug-Ins we provide. They give immediate help for a lot of tasks around the PCB development to save time and increase quality.

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By using the AOI analysis provided by PCB-Investigator, you are able to guarantee the subsequent testability even during the design process and therefore reduce the production costs!

Analyze your designs in 2D and 3D with the help of the Automatic Optical Inspection!

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The Hazard Analysis Plug-in provides a risk analysis to find possible shorts in seconds.

Use the results to predict faults and protect your design.

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PCB-Investigator Physics is the perfect tool to simulate the physical behaviour of your Printed Circuit Boards during development phase.

It enables you to find thermal hotspots, critical trace resistances and voltage drops that are too high, even before prototyping begins!

Save valuable time and prototype costs with PCBi-Physics!

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