Find out more about some of our clients that use PCB-Investigator for optimizing their workflow.

PCBspecs offers the opportunity to create PCB-Specifications centrally. The pre-settings simplify your internal and external processes and reduce potential errors to an absloute minimum.
Osram Regensburg, improves its efficiency with PCB Tools from easylogix.
The PCB manufacturer Multi PCB Ltd. ensures the manufacturability of each order by applying a Design-Rule-Check and also creates custom production panels if desired. All necessary layout changes are sent to the customer for approval using the Embedded functionality of PCB Investigator.
Your partner for scanning and digitizing PCB drawings and films.
Electrical Engineering Community
A encyclopedia for software
For an open, neutral global standard for efficient PCB design data transfer
The ODB++ Solutions Alliance provides a forum for implementers and supporters of the ODB++ format to share their interest and success with others.
Professional Magazine devoted to development and manufacturing in the area of electronics