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we have to check some PCB-data for testpoints.
The PCB contains test points as components and some pads with the testpoint attribute. Is it possible to find both with the testpoint report plug-in?

And is it possible to create an list in excel with this plug-in?

Best Regards

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Hi Frank,

yes it possible to find testpoints as attribute and as component. there are tree tab-pages:
The first for CMP-testpoints (you can select the testpoint identification by your own e.g. TP).
The second tab page gives you a list of nets without CMP-Testpoints.
And the third list contains all nets with the attribute "text_point".

You can save all lists as txt or csv to export them e.g. to excel.

You can try the free demo and find out the rest of the features.

your easylogix-team

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