About Us

The software company Schindler & Schill GmbH was founded in 2008 in Regensburg, Germany. The founders are experts in Windows based software as well as printed circuit boards and manufacturing processes in the industry.

The first success was achieved developing Windows drivers for USB devices. Our breakthrough came with our own product. We developed a complete CAD System for PCB Analysis.

Modern user interfaces and optimization of code to the latest operating systems and hardware is very important for usability. Using more and more processor cores and distributed computing power, it is required to get precise code adaptation to these new opportunities. Our team has successfully implemented the latest developing tools from Microsoft to achieve the best performance.
During the development we created many libraries to get a high degree of reuse.

We gained experience in creating libraries for 2D geometric operations with multicore processors, plug-in concepts, and analyzing vector based polygons for further processing. This library is used in our own product to calculate polygon outline and drawing polygons with a fast drawing method.

Günther Schindler
Günther Schindler, CEO
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Jürgen Schill
Jürgen Schill
Application Manager
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Fabio Gruber
Fabio Gruber
Software Developer
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Janina Schill
Janina Schill
Web Developer