Component Analysis DFM

Plug-In category: DRC Analysis, Production Plug-In included in: PCBI Fabrication, PCBI Developer, PCBI Ultimate

The main purpose of PCB Assembly Analysis is to ensure fast placement and good solder ability.

We created the advanced Component Analysis Plug-in to find all components causing soldering or placement issues.

To provide a plug-in that works according to your requirements it is possible to analyze the components filtered by package or height and to include pins as well. The entered values can be saved and loaded for future design checks to facilitate the workflow.

As good example you can check your testpoints (e.g. package "TP") by filter in the package tab. Calculate which components place too near to your test points and save a list of dangerous components and distances.

As you can find in every Plug-in, there is also the option to analyze only selected areas. All results can be exported to Excel CSV or as text files to share them with other team members.

In combination with the Bare Board Analysis Plug-in this Plug-in guarantees a problem free manufacturing process.

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